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What Is Neurofeedback?

Your Brain Is Like a Freeway System

Recent discoveries in neuroscience have provided evidence for brain neuroplasticity. Although neurofeedback training has been helping people with a variety of conditions since the seventies, we really didn’t understand how it worked until neuroplasticity arrived.  Neurofeedback takes advantage of brain neuroplasticity by accelerating the growth of new highways, so you can take the exit from your anxiety freeway, toward greater peace.

Neurofeedback Technology Is Changing

We used to think we knew enough about the brain to tell it what to do.  Take your ADHD kid and get his prefrontal cortex to produce more of “this” and less of “that”.  The discovery of a master core rhythm, called the “default mode network”, has changed all of that.  New technologies attempt to target this deeper, global layer, potentially helping a wider range of conditions.   I received my training in this new approach from The EEG Institute in Los Angeles, which utilizes Cygnet technology. Find out more about this type of neurofeedback.  
A human head with glowing brain radiating EEG brain waves
Licensed Clinical Psychologist