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I specialize in the treatment of complex anxiety disorders, in

facilitating re-establishment of communication and respect

between partners, and in releasing emotional roadblocks from the

past so that the healing process can move forward.

From years of hospital and private practice experience, I have learned that presenting anxiety conditions, such as Panic Disorder, can mask a core of trauma at the root of the anxiety.  I call this “complex anxiety”.  In these cases, standard treatment techniques are often not enough. Either the treatment is ineffective, or symptoms return after an apparent treatment success.  I have developed a unique approach by integrating my experience and training in both fields: anxiety conditions and trauma recovery.  This approach is well suited to clients without diagnosable trauma symptoms or history, but who can better be helped by combining both perspectives. I integrate cognitive-behavioral techniques, depth psychotherapy, Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing, hypnotherapy, and neurofeedback, in a treatment approach uniquely designed for each client. Please click the menu buttons to the left for details about my practice philosophy, treatment strategies, specialties and credentials.
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